Best Memrise English courses

5 best Memrise English courses + searchable catalogue

In my last video blog post I shared five criteria for choosing Memrise English courses.

I have analysed most popular Memrise English courses, so in this video you’ll find out about:

  1. 5 best Memrise English courses (based on my criteria).
  2. My searchable catalogue of Memrise English courses, which you can browse to choose a course that you need.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, check the notes below.

5 best Memrise English courses

  1. English is Fun! by Wandy – really common informal expressions and phrases with great examples.
  2. Business English by Wandy – essential business English vocabulary, although only about 200 words.
  3. Learn English for Polyglots by Easy Academy – about 5000 most common words with translations to 5 major European languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) + Latin.
  4. 400 Words of TOEFL – Intermediate English by memrise – great start for TOEFL preparation.
  5. Intermediate English – Context by Easy Academy – words ordered by frequency, but without the firs 1000 most common words, so you don’t go through the basics again.

Would you like to choose a different course? Use my searchable catalogue, which you can browse, filter and sort according to different categories: course level, type of English (general, business, exam etc.), audio, availability of examples etc. Click here or on the image to use the catalogue.

Catalogue of best Memrise English courses

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