Articles in English: a (an) / the / – ? (Intermediate practice activities)

Practice activities A (an) / the / - ? (English articles, Intermediate)

1. So how was your interview? - Great! I got ___ job!
2. I hated ___ history when I was little. I could never remember all those dates.
3. Have you printed your papers? - No, ___ printer isn't working.
4. Sarah is in ___ hospital after that terrible accident.
5. Have you met ___ new manager? He's very friendly.
6. ___ technology has improved our lives and has made it easier to travel and communicate.
7. Can you play ___ piano? That's amazing!
8. Have you heard? There's ___ new vacancy at BMW. Why don't you apply?
9. We should meet for lunch sometime. Do you know ___ good café near here?
10. Can we meet? Where are you? - At ___ office. - Ok, I'll be there soon.
11. So what do you do? - I'm ___ architect.
12. Did you hear what ___ President said on TV last night?
13. Where did you spend your holiday? - We went to ___ Egypt this time.
14. Could you help me, please? - What's ___ problem? - I can't open this document on my laptop.

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