Gerund or Infinitive? (Advanced practice activities)

Practice activities Gerund or Infinitive? (Advanced)

1. I really appreciate _______ invited to this dinner.
2. He normally pretends _______ their company.
3. He confessed ________ about you all the time.
4. I don't recall ________ this person. Who is he?
5. This year all of us have endeavored ________ a contribution to the company's progress.
6. I didn't mean ________ you.
7. I detest ________ money from my friends.
8. He finally consented ________ the story.
9. She acknowledged ________ her colleagues for help.
10. A stranger attempted ________ my bag, but I ran into a shop.
11. I can't postpone _________ them again.
12. Do you mind _______ a lot with your hands?
13. The athlete truly deserved _______ this prize.
14. I've been struggling _______ this concept.
15. His parents often threatened _______ him, but never did.

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