Gerund or Infinitive? (Intermediate practice activities)

Practice activities Gerund or Infinitive? (Intermediate)

1. I miss _______ my friends.
2. He is preparing _______.
3. Can't you avoid ________ him?
4. When can we discuss ________ a present for Mark?
5. He offered ________ a meeting over lunch.
6. Why can't you admit ________ it?
7. Can you promise ________ this a secret?
8. I refused ________ yesterday.
9. We don't support ________ animals in scientific experiments.
10. She chose ________ the blue dress.
11. I couldn't help _________ when I heard this joke.
12. He seems _______ disappointed.
13. They managed _______ the problem in 3 hours.
14. When can you finish _______ this report?
15. Don't forget _______ bread on your way home, please!

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