Learn English online with Australia Plus TV

Learn English online with Australia Plus TV

It’s time for another English learning resource review. This week it’s a great video resource to learn English online from the Australia Network at http://legacy.australianetwork.com/learningenglish/

Australia Network Learning English section offers a collection of various video lessons provided by Australia Plus TV, Australia’s international television service. Of course, the presenters and actors mostly have Australian accent, but it’s very clear and easy to understand. If you go to the link above, you will find eight different learning programmes, which you can use to learn English online. These programmes will help you learn everyday English, business English, prepare for IELTS and learn about life in Australia. I will describe them briefly.

  1. Study English is an extended IELTS preparation programme. Each 10-minute episode focuses on an aspect of IELTS. For example, it might be improving grammatical or vocabulary range in writing, achieving speaking fluency or a particular speaking topic with useful language for it. Make sure to download the Study Notes and Activities for each episode to practise what you’ve learned. You can also do Vocabulary exercises following each episode to improve your spelling.

Learn English online with Study English program

2. Living English will help you learn everyday English while following an interesting drama about a Singaporean wine dealer in Australia. You will learn useful phrases for greetings, shopping, eating in a restaurant etc. Check out Episode Notes under the videos for more useful information. This is suitable for Elementary – Intermediate learners.

3. English Bites offers short and interesting videos on a variety of topics related to Australian culture and everyday life. You will also learn some useful language from these videos. Some English bites are just focused on a particular language question, for example, when to use specially and especially.

4. Passport to English shows three learners taking IELTS (speaking part). You can listen to their answers and read examiners’ comments and recommendations in the Notes.

Learn English online with Passport to English program

5. The Business of English is a fantastic video collection to learn business English online. You watch episodes showing different business situations, such as meetings and negotiations and learn some really useful language. Each episode has a full transcript with language notes under the video. I have used this resource with lots of my Intermediate – Advanced business English learners.

6. Nexus, My Australia and This Australian Life offer video clips about life in Australia.

You can also follow the Australia Plus Learn English facebook page or youtube channel to get regular updates with interesting videos and tips to learn English online.



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