Make or do? (Advanced practice activities)

Practice activities Make or Do? (Advanced)

1. Dress smart if you want to _______ a good impression on your potential employer.
2. She's always _______ a fuss about little things. It's so irritating!
3. ________ my hair and make-up always takes so much time.
4. Why did you quit the job? You could have ________ a fortune!
5. I normally ________ the laundry on Saturdays.
6. Will you listen to me, please? I'm trying to ________ a point!
7. Our analysts ________ very accurate sales forecasts for this quarter.
8. I'm so glad you called! We should ________ lunch sometime.
9. Thank you for all your hard work. You really ________ a difference.
10. Who ________ your nails? They look fabulous!
11. I'm so fed up with him. He's always _________ excuses for not showing up!
12. You can't give up now! You haven't even _________ an attempt!
13. Unfortunately, this year we've _________ a loss for the first time in our experience.
14. This is a very important competition. You should _________ your best!
15. The economic crisis has _________ a lot of damage to our industry.

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