Make or do? (Elementary practice activities)

Practice activities Make or Do? (Elementary)

1. I _______ the shopping on Saturdays.
2. I will _______ a cup of coffee for you.
3. We are ________ plans for our holiday.
4. Could you ________ the cleaning, please?
5. I'm sorry, I ________ a mistake.
6. Do you often ________ sports?
7. You should ________ your bed every morning.
8. Thank you for ________ breakfast today.
9. I ________ my home work in the evenings.
10. I don't know what to buy. Can you ________ a list for me?
11. I'm really hungry. Could you _________ a sandwich for me?
12. We have to _________ a lot of work today.
13. Let's _________ some exercises.
14. I _________ a lot of new friends at my new school.

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