Make or do? (Intermediate practice activities)

Practice activities Make or Do? (Intermediate)

1. You need to _______ a decision as soon as possible.
2. She hates _______ the dishes, so they bought a dishwasher.
3. I  ________ a promise, so I will do it.
4. I would like to ________ a suggestion. Let's discuss it over lunch.
5. Our company ________ business with several foreign investors.
6. It's your birthday! ________ a wish!
7. This course was very good. I think I've ________ a lot of progress.
8. Do you have to ________ any chores at home?
9. He ________ such a funny joke, I was laughing all day.
10. You ________ a really good job on this project.
11. How much money do you _________ working for this company?
12. Stop _________ that noise! I'm trying to work!
13. You need to _________ a course in French if you want to study in France.
14. Who _________ all the housework in your family?
15. Excuse me for a moment, I need to _________ a quick call.

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