Memrise review by Kate Pyers

Memrise review – a great tool to learn English words and more

Are you looking for an effective and fun tool to learn new English words and phrases online or on your phone? Then Memrise is a good choice for you.

In this Memrise review video:

  1. What is Memrise and how to use it?
  2. Why use Memrise?
  3. Five tips to make the most out of Memrise.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole Memrise review, make sure to look through the main points under the video.

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Memrise review

  1. What is Memrise and how does it work? is a website and an app, which is designed to help you memorise just about anything, from languages and literature to natural sciences to arts and even trivia.

There are lots of courses created by Memrise users and different organisations. Each course contains a number of items and their definitions. You learn the items through a variety of activities:

  • view the item and the information about it
  • choose the correct answer from several given options
  • type the correct answer
  • put items in the correct order to form an answer

Later Memrise will ask you to review items, which you haven’t practised in a while to strengthen your memory. Review activities are similar to the learning activities, but there is also a timed review where you have to give your answers within the time limit.


  1. Why use Memrise?

There are three main reasons which make Memrise one of the best language learning websites:

  • It’s a convenient and fun online tool, which can motivate you to incorporate vocabulary learning into your daily routine.
  • Memrise is based on memory research, so its memorizing and revision techniques are really effective.
  • The reason why Memrise is called MEM-rise is because users can add so called mems to the items. A mem is any piece of information (a picture, phrase or sound) that makes an item memorable (see example below). Of course, remember that mems are created by users, so their quality will be different across courses.

Mem example


  1. Five tips to make the most out of Memrise

  • Adjust your settings. You can change the number of words for learning and reviewing sessions and also decide if you want to include audio tests and tapping tests (which means you will click words rather than type them).
  • Ceate your own mems. It may take time, but if you create your own mem, it will give a huge boost to your ability to remember the word or phrase. Of course, you may not want to do that for every word, but at least try it for the most difficult ones.
  • Set goals and compete with friends. You can set up goals for each course to keep yourself motivated. It’s even better if you have a couple of friends on Memrise, you can follow each other and then see who gets more points per week.
  • Benefit from all the hidden functions. For example, you can use the Ignore function to tick the words that you already know. You can also do that during your learning sessions if you see a word that you already know. Memrise will also remember the words where you keep making mistakes and will mark them with a little thunderbolt icon, which means it’s a difficult word for you.
  • Choose courses carefully. Remember that most courses on Memrise are created by members just like you. The quality of each course completely depends on the creator’s resources and knowledge. It’s your responsibility to evaluate the course before starting it.

Last question – how do you know which courses are good and which ones aren’t? In my next video, which will come out in about a week, I will share five main criteria for choosing courses on Memrise.

I hope this Memrise review was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please use the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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